Meet Noel - The Two-Legged Dog

This Dog Will Warm Your Heart 

Rocky Kanaka, Emmy-nominated television host, pet rescue advocate and Founder of The Dog Bakery, helps this two-legged dog get a wheel chair, find a loving home AND treats her to her BEST DAY EVER. 

Meet Noel...She was found by the side of the road, badly injured and unable to move. Luckily for her she was taken to Marley's Mutt's, a dog rescue center in Kern County California.

Unfortunately Noel was so badly injured she had to have both of her front arms amputated.

But this little Christmas cutie wasn't going to let that stop her. Within days of the surgery she learned to walk on two legs!

Rocky Kanaka, emmy-nominated television host and pet rescue advocate, was touched by Noel's determination and decided to help Noel in three ways 1. Raise money for a "doggy wheelchair" 2. Find Noel her forever home 3. Treat Noel to her "Best Day Ever".

Noel's best day ever was a success. She enjoyed a puppucino, a hike in the beautiful Santa Monica mountains, a specially-made doggy cake from The Dog Bakery and a 'fitting' for her new legs!

Rocky filmed Noel's big day and shared it on social media. The outpouring of support and enthusiasm for Noel was contagious and Rocky was able to raise the funds needed for Noel's new legs and found her a new forever home!

To learn more about Marley's Mutts Rescue Center visit: