Pawcakes - Grain Free
Pawcakes - Grain Free
Paw cakes for dogs
Grain free pawcakes for dogs

Pawcakes - Grain Free

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Decadent, soft, and topped with a generous layer of icing, these grain-free cupcakes for dogs are a fan favorite. Made from dog-safe carob and NOT chocolate, each Pawcake is carefully hand-baked, glazed, and decorated with flakes of coconut. 

To make these Pawcakes safe for dogs with gluten and grain allergies, our bakers make these treats with a gluten-free seed called buckwheat. 

One of our favorite ways to serve these mini cupcakes for dogs is for a birthday! Since they’re small, they’re a good option for dogs of all sizes. Be sure to serve these to your pooch within 10 days of opening.


Cake: Buckwheat Flour, Baking Powder, Egg, Honey, Canola Oil

Topping: Carob And Yogurt Drizzle